Out of Office?

The six week period between June and August is usually characterised by ‘out of office’ automatic emails and a general slump in commercial activity. In the digital age, however, where we are able to access our emails from our phones, login to our work desktops from home and use our tablets on-the-go, does the ‘summer lull’ still exist or has it become an archaic myth?

We are in the thick of the holiday season and this is stereotypically the time when the office grinds to a halt and all decision making is postponed until September. At Lorus Consulting, our summer has been far from that, in fact, it is shaping up to be our busiest quarter of the year so far, which has got us asking if the summer lull still exist? According to a recent study by GFI Software, out of a sample of 500 UK workers, 60% said they looked at their work emails on holiday and 80% said they read emails on their smartphones outside of office hours. You no longer have to be in the office to be at work. Technology has enabled us with a more fluid way to work, which clearly benefits all.

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